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Ingrid Bolton

Originals in Oil
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New Works

Autumn's Splash of Color

Diptych,48x48" (total), thick Gallery Wrap Canvas, Available

Spring Time in Wine Country II

36x36", Oil, thick Gallery Wrap Canvas, Available

An Audience of One 

 24x24", thick Gallery Wrap, Available

Nature Photographer

9x12",  Available

Sunflower Girls

36x36", Available

Hill town

30x30", thick Gallery Wrap, Avail.

 Sunflower Warmth

24x30", thick Gallery Wrap, Available

Sunflower Bouquet

11x14",  Available

Island Home

8x10", Oil

Highland Park Spring

30x30", Oil, Available

Somewhere in France II

9x12", Available

Sunflower Fields Forever


Got Goat?

9x12", thick Gallery Wrap, Avail.

 Somewhere in France I

9x12", Oil, Available



Lily Pond Shining

Triptych, 72x30" (total), Iridescent Acrylics, Available